St. David’s Foundation has awarded scholarships to 47 aspiring medical professionals including Alice Timugura and Sahian Salas from Manor High School.

Scholars range from first-generation Americans and legacy scholar recipients to medical technicians and young adults balancing both work and school. As one of the largest health scholarships in the country, the program provides financial support for students pursuing health care careers and has empowered more than 600 hundred graduates from Central Texas high schools to take the next step toward their dream of a career in health care.

Alice Timugura’s inspiration comes from her parents who are both in the healthcare field. “My mother is a nurse while my father is a lab technician. I guess just hearing their stories of how they took care of the patients and how their job was, influenced me throughout growing up,” said Timugura. Alice is currently attending the University of Texas at Austin studying to become an orthopedic surgeon.

As a young girl, Sahian was in and out of doctors’ offices. She became close to the nurses that crossed her path. “I just really liked how the nurses acted, and they were really kind to me. Nurses have a different light to them. They’re a lot brighter and I really like that about them.” After volunteering at St. David’s Medical Center and seeing them in action it was clear that was her path. “I want to be like them,” said Salas. “I want to help people and be noble like they are.” Sahian is currently attending Texas Woman’s University studying to be a nurse.

This scholarship not only provides a robust tutoring program, wellness coaching, mental health services, and financial assistance; each recipient is also paired with an accomplished medical professional, who provides priceless mentorship throughout the scholar’s entire college journey.

“The mission of the Foundation relies heavily on the tireless work of talented, dedicated healthcare professionals. And now, more than ever, it’s essential that we foster the next generation of physicians, nurses, dentists, lab technicians, and other specialties to provide adequate care to underserved communities,” said Edward Burger, President & CEO, St. David’s Foundation.

“As one of the largest health care scholarships in the country, we believe investing in and providing support to the bright young minds of Central Texas today can help advance health care in our five-county community tomorrow. We are proud to welcome 47 exceptional and inspiring scholars to our St. David’s Neal Kocurek family and look forward to following their journey in the years to come.”